Patreon? Yup.

I have never made money off this site. I have never accepted advertising which has always been important to me especially with the links sections where I do list stores and such. Integrity has always been important to me in maintaining the quality of the information I am providing. I have always paid for the domain and server myself and donated my time to do the best I could with the site. Now I am coming back to doing some work on it every few days, some weeks every day, and I would very much like to be able to offer new content regularly. That means not just time and paying for the server but also buying fabric and a much needed computer upgrade so I can run the graphics programs I need.

I am planning on offering patrons early access to new projects, the ability to suggest what new projects I should tackle and some exclusive content including short videos that I may not post here.

If you appreciate this site and would like to see it continue and even thrive I invite you to become a patron and in return I will spend as much time as I can not only making this site what it once was, but perhaps even surpassing that.

The shirt project should be posted this week, as well as the start of the new links sections.

Next week I am going to do a new project as well as starting on the next update. The new project will go to patreon first, of course.

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