Updates & Plans

Released the knotted beads project. I was going to make more changes but I I have decided to split it off into a new more comprehensive beading project for later this year.

Working on some more of the shorter accessories projects through June and will be releasing another new project for Patreons, Jabots and lace cuffs in early June.

In July I will get the old net skirt project back up on the site and the new project for July will be a completely different way to make floofy net skirts, with a bonus. They are different enough to warrant a separate project.

Oh and the Pilgrim Bag project is live for everyone now.

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Long Vest project is almost done and should be up tomorrow or Friday. The new project that I will be posting on Patreon first should be done early next week and will be on the regular site in a couple weeks. After the vest I am doing a couple of the accessory projects which should be fast, then the next big one is the tulle skirt.

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Patreon? Yup.

I have never made money off this site. I have never accepted advertising which has always been important to me especially with the links sections where I do list stores and such. Integrity has always been important to me in maintaining the quality of the information I am providing. I have always paid for the domain and server myself and donated my time to do the best I could with the site. Now I am coming back to doing some work on it every few days, some weeks every day, and I would very much like to be able to offer new content regularly. That means not just time and paying for the server but also buying fabric and a much needed computer upgrade so I can run the graphics programs I need.

I am planning on offering patrons early access to new projects, the ability to suggest what new projects I should tackle and some exclusive content including short videos that I may not post here.

If you appreciate this site and would like to see it continue and even thrive I invite you to become a patron and in return I will spend as much time as I can not only making this site what it once was, but perhaps even surpassing that.

The shirt project should be posted this week, as well as the start of the new links sections.

Next week I am going to do a new project as well as starting on the next update. The new project will go to patreon first, of course.

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The Poet Shirt is on its way!

I just have to test the poet/pirate shirt project and draw the main image and it will be done. I expect to post it this week. I am also going to start working on new projects as I get the old ones updated starting in May.

A&L has a Discord if you want to chat or ask a quick question.

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So life keeps interfering with my progress. I should be able to post the updated Circle Skirt project soon. I got the art done I just need to edit it a few more times for clarity. This is taking forever but I want to make sure what I do post is actually useful.  Unlike when this site first started there are now a lot of DIY sites and if I don't do the best I can with these projects there really isn't any point in doing them at all. 

I am also going to be getting together the links page. Mostly for supplies and other useful DIY sites but I am going to post a few places to buy outstanding items. At least at first I am only going to post places I have personally done business with. I may expand this later but there will be NO paid links. I have always been very careful about my ethics in listing things and have always tried to only post places with outstanding quality and customer service.  

Thanks for hanging in there with me while I try and get this thing going again. I have had a lot of personal challenges in the past year but I will get this done even if it is not done quickly.

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What's Going on?

From a comment on the Facebook group  but I figure I should just post it here too. I am doing the cloak as the 3rd project to go back up, though I will be putting all 3 (tatters skirt, circle skirt, cloak) live at once hopefully in the next week or so. I just have a lot of edits, art, and figures to do yet. The last art I did for the circle skirt was... not good, so I have to redo it. I also have to retest everything by making something using the instructions to make sure they make sense and I am not missing a step. That's what is taking so long. This should work well though because I have to make circle skirts for one costume, yes plural, and a cloak and circle skirt for another. 

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Slow Progress but Progress none the less

I am getting a few of the old projects updated and with new art ready to go before I post them. If there is an old project you particularly want to see sooner rather than later please comment here or on the Facebook Group

After I restore the old stuff I'll start on the new stuff.  

Also trying to decide if I want to bother with a shopping links section this time. I will definitely put links to helpful DIY and supply pages but shops? I don't know yet, something to think about. 

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News? News!

Antimony & Lace is dead, undead undead. The old site met with a catastrophic failure, it was grossly out of date and I was just going to let it go. Who cares about a 20 year old Gothic DIY site? Then I started being contacted by people who still use it? Still wanted to show it to people? What? So That was the kick in the pants I needed to redo and update the whole thing. 

I am working on new art, updating old projects as well as making new ones. Please be patient  as this is a big project for one small middle aged goth to get done. 

In the mean time if you want to connect with others, talk about Goth DIY, or just get updates on the state of the site you can join our Facebook group

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