What's Going on?

From a comment on the Facebook group  but I figure I should just post it here too. I am doing the cloak as the 3rd project to go back up, though I will be putting all 3 (tatters skirt, circle skirt, cloak) live at once hopefully in the next week or so. I just have a lot of edits, art, and figures to do yet. The last art I did for the circle skirt was... not good, so I have to redo it. I also have to retest everything by making something using the instructions to make sure they make sense and I am not missing a step. That's what is taking so long. This should work well though because I have to make circle skirts for one costume, yes plural, and a cloak and circle skirt for another. 

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Slow Progress but Progress none the less

I am getting a few of the old projects updated and with new art ready to go before I post them. If there is an old project you particularly want to see sooner rather than later please comment here or on the Facebook Group

After I restore the old stuff I'll start on the new stuff.  

Also trying to decide if I want to bother with a shopping links section this time. I will definitely put links to helpful DIY and supply pages but shops? I don't know yet, something to think about. 

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News? News!

Antimony & Lace is dead, undead undead. The old site met with a catastrophic failure, it was grossly out of date and I was just going to let it go. Who cares about a 20 year old Gothic DIY site? Then I started being contacted by people who still use it? Still wanted to show it to people? What? So That was the kick in the pants I needed to redo and update the whole thing. 

I am working on new art, updating old projects as well as making new ones. Please be patient  as this is a big project for one small middle aged goth to get done. 

In the mean time if you want to connect with others, talk about Goth DIY, or just get updates on the state of the site you can join our Facebook group

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