So life keeps interfering with my progress. I should be able to post the updated Circle Skirt project soon. I got the art done I just need to edit it a few more times for clarity. This is taking forever but I want to make sure what I do post is actually useful.  Unlike when this site first started there are now a lot of DIY sites and if I don't do the best I can with these projects there really isn't any point in doing them at all. 

I am also going to be getting together the links page. Mostly for supplies and other useful DIY sites but I am going to post a few places to buy outstanding items. At least at first I am only going to post places I have personally done business with. I may expand this later but there will be NO paid links. I have always been very careful about my ethics in listing things and have always tried to only post places with outstanding quality and customer service.  

Thanks for hanging in there with me while I try and get this thing going again. I have had a lot of personal challenges in the past year but I will get this done even if it is not done quickly.

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