Long Black Veil

You'll need a lot of tulle (amount depends on desired length), a coat hanger, couple of spools of black satin ribbon, some silk flowers, rocalle beads &/or glitter (optional), jewelry wire, good clear craft glue, strong black thread and needles (some fine ones if you use the bead option), pliers and some duct tape.

Take the coat hanger and bend it around your head till it fits... not too snuggly... meeting in the back. Trim the hanger till it overlaps about 2 inches. If you leave it a bit slack you can even bend the wire so it makes a point (downwards) in the front which is good to dangle a small sparkly fob or bead from. Secure the overlapping part in the back with the least amount of duct tape you can get by with. I even put some superglue on it before tapeing to make sure it would stay, but that is optional and not recommended if you tend to make a mess with super glue!

Once any glue is dry take one end of the ribbon and tie it on the tape, leaving enough free to tie again later (once you get back around). Carefully wrap the ribbon tightly and neatly around the hanger in a spiral pattern so that it covers it completely. I would coat the wire, a section at a time, (ahead of my wrapping) very lightly, VERY LIGHTLY with the craft glue taking care not to get it on the outside of the ribbon. Once this is covered put it away to dry. If you over did the glue, you may have to let it dry for up to 24 hours.

The amount of tulle (or netting... your choice!) you use depends on how long you want your veil, and how many layers you want. Mine has 3 in back, and then the one which I can wear in front or flip back depending.

When cutting the tulle you might want to allow enough extra to round the ends a bit, but that is a matter of preference and if you plan to tatter it a bit after making it really isn't necessary.

Basically.... for the longest desired length hold one end of the tulle to the back of your head, figure out how long you want it. Grab it at the "cut off" point and hold that to the back of your head, and mark the place where you want the second layer to fall to... cut there. Marking the point where it is folded "in half". Fold length-wise like a paper fan and run a loose stitch through the flat part of the "in half" mark (which should be less than an inch wide) a few times. When you let go the pleats should fan out to cover 2-4 inches.

Take remaining tulle, fold in half, cut off excess length... this will be the part that can fall over your face. at the half point... sew it like you did the previous piece.

Take the longer veil and fold it over the head band so that the shorter veil goes over the top. stitch it on so the pleats fall evenly off the back. Take the second piece and lay the sewn pleated middle over the place where the other was attached. Sew that down so the pleats fall evenly in both directions. Now you should have 3 layers in back and one that will fall over your face. Try it on to make sure it fits and you are happy with the lengths.

Take the flowers and twist the stems together so you get a chain of flowers with no gaps between buds (no stems visible from top or sides)... the chain need to be about 4 inches long. Attach this to the part where the veils are attached (covering the point where all the sewing took place. Heavy thread is best for this sewing job. No Stems should show from any angle... just flowers.


Before attaching flowers you can put a VERY light coating of glue just on the very edges of the petals and dowse them in glitter.

Sew beads on the outside of the head band (if you put them inside they hurt). I did mine in little slanted rows of rocalle beads ribbon width apart.

Attach ribbons that can flow prettily behind you around where the veil and flowers are attached.

Bend one end of a long piece of jewelry wire, string rocalle beads and attach like you would the ribbons (same effect as that white pearly stuff you see on regular wedding veils)

Attach some dangley pretty to the point of the headband if you made one.