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These sites have information, much like A&L, to help you make your own clothing and decor.
Brass Goggles Record of all things Steampunk. Very inspiring!  
Corporate Goth Articles on surviving the corporate jungle without loosing your dark edge.  
Craftster DIY, crafts and sewing community.  
Dawn Pages Tutorial for renaissance costume pieces. Lots of excellent projects with good instructions. recomended!
DIY 18th Century Corset How to make an 18th century corset... or, more accurately, a pair of stays  
Doctored Locks Tutorials Great tutorials for doing your own hair extensions.  
Gloomth & the Cult of Melancholy Original Gothic Couture. Visual Kei, Lolita, Vampire, Aristocrat. One of a kind and hand made works of wearable art. Canada based but they ship elsewhere.  
Gothic Martha Stewart Do it yourself decorating with a dark edge.  
Grow Your Own Horns DIY horn tutorial.  
Heavenly Hair Fourms For the discussion of synthetic and natural hair, dying, dreads, braids, plastic and everything else.  
Making Frogs How to make decorative frogging closures.  
Morbid Outlook Online magazine with articles on Do It Yourself for the gothic lifestyle. recomended!
Natron und Soda. Nähanleitungen und Gruftklamotten. (Sewing instructions an fashion from the tomb) German site, but many easy to follow instructions for different styles. Also has a community.
Nocturne's Vintage Hair-Style Instructions instructions for 1940's hair, fingerwaves, pincurls, etc. ~ Synj Munki  
Renaissance Tailor corset tutorial 16th and 17th corset tutorial  
Square Circle Skirt How to make a ruffled square/circle skirt.  
The Costumer's Manifesto Numerous articles on costuming and fashion.  
threadbanger DIY fashion with videos and forum  
Underbust Corset Tutorial Very basic instructions on how to draft an underbust corset pattern.  
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