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Aderlass German based gothic clothing available at 165 stores in 19 countries as well as online.  
Black Rose British gothic clothing store.  
Cruella Gothic clothing store in Quebec.  
Cryoflesh Dark and Futuristic clothing, music and other items.  
Cyberdog Futuristic club and street wear.  
Elizium UK based gothic seller carrying a range of alternative clothing and dress styles including cloaks, coats, corsetry and rubber  
Fanplusfriend Garden Asian site that custom makes gothic lolita and cosplay pieces. Recomended by a friend of mine.  
Flaming Angels Vancouver based original gothic clothing designs.  
Gallery Serpentine Around for many years this Australian site has great clothes and corsets at reasonable prices. recomended!
Gasoline Glamour Edgy jewelry with a lot of glitz and even more attitude. They also have t-shirts, eye patches, sunglasses and rhinestone handcuffs in an amazing array of colours.  
Gloomth & the Cult of Melancholy Original Gothic Couture. Visual Kei, Lolita, Vampire, Aristocrat. One of a kind and hand made works of wearable art. Canada based but they ship elsewhere.  
Good Goth Good source for Special Effects dye and some dark basics. recomended!
Gothic Auctions Gothic auction site, eBay alternative. Totally free Auctions for Buyers and Sellers! No fees, ever.  
Heavy Red Beautiful original designs, including plus sizes.  
Ipso Facto Large selection of gothic clothing ans decor items.  
Jeanne Nitro Beautiful Gothic Clothing and Naughty Fetish Wear  
Kristi Smart Absolutely amazing coats for men and women. Not cheap but well worth the price for the quality. recomended!
Natron und Soda. Nähanleitungen und Gruftklamotten. (Sewing instructions an fashion from the tomb) German site, but many easy to follow instructions for different styles. Also has a community.
New Rock Big stompy boots often seen in sci-fi such as Firefly!  
Plastik Wrap Sophisticated cyber industrial fashion.  
Retroscope Wonderful site for Lolita, Gothic and Steampunk clothing. Also has men's items.  
Stormy Leather Wonderful leather corsets and fetish gear. 18+ to view.  
Technokitty Bringing cutting edge alternative clothing from UK designers to a worldwide audience.  
ThroughTheGothicLookingGlass Gothic, Hippy & Medieval Clothing UK based, ships elsewhere  
Velvet Garden An online thrift market for goths featuring previously loved, and new items.  
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