What is this?
Antimony & Lace was originally conceived so that I could highlight my interest in gothic fashion and share what knowledge I have on the subject.
Can I contribute?
While I have added some projects by other talented people, for the most part this site is my work.
Can I trust the info here?
As with any information you get on the internet, use you’re best judgement when taking any advice. I can not take responsibility if you do something here and botch it up. Everything I post I have tested out myself, so I know it will work if done properly. I only recommend businesses I personally have had some positive dealings with, but keep in mind that just because I have linked to a site does not necessarily constitute a recommendation.
I would like to know how to make 'X '.
The best place to ask questions is on the Message Board. I get most of my new project idea there and someone else may be able to go ahead and answer.
What if I can't sew?
Not a problem. My D.I.Y. projects are geared towards those who have little if any sewing experience. A lot of this stuff you can figure out on your own if you already know how to sew. Once you try a few projects I hope you become comfortable enough to try something more advanced.
Do I HAVE to have a sewing machine?
Indeed you don't! Most of the D.I.Y. projects I post can be done by hand. Granted it will take longer, in some cases much longer, but they can be done by hand in a reasonable amount of time.
What if I get stuck?
Check my entire help area, If you don't find what you need there ask questions on the Message Board.
Can I contact you personally?
It is usually faster to use the Message Board for questions as I can't promise a fast turn aroiund on emails. If you must contact me please use the form here.