Do It Yourself!

There is nothing like being able to make your own stuff to personalize your look. Not to mention all the cash you can save by being a resourcefulgoth! I make most of my own clothes, and have done so for years I also have found through years of trial and error the best ways to dye your hair, and other things I have listed below. Most projects are geared towards the sewing inexperienced, so don't be afriad to give them a try.

Goth staples
Easy elegance, hooded or not.
Also known as a poet shirt, I offer several variations of this classic.
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Basic Goth Sewing ~ getting started
If you don't know where to start, start here.
Bat Wings
Easy instructions for making bat wings
Circle & Handkerchief Hem Skirts
Fun and versatile.
D.I.Y. Bondage Pants
Strap yourself in.
Hair Accessories
More veils, barrettes with ribbons and bows, put flowers in your hair... or spiders if you prefer.
Hair Dying Instructions
If you do it right, that purple can last for weeks!
Easy Panel Skirt
How to turn a straight skirt into a great full skirt... very easy.
How to Make a Parasol
From the a.g.f. FAQ
How to make a pattern out of anything
Turn that ployester nightmare into a dream
Knoted Bead Necklaces
Insurance for long strands of beads
Long Black Veil
Instuctions for making a wedding style veil
Long Vest
Easy long vest to add elegance for goths of all genders.
Net Skirt
Net skirts can cost upwards of $130 on the web, make your own for less than $13.
Tatters and Rags
Don't throw away those small scraps of yummy fabric! You can make a great skirt out of them, no pattern required and it's super easy.
Tattered Tank Dress
Need summer wardrobe help? Easy dress for those sultry nights.
Thrift stores are a great place to get stuff if you are persistant and patient

Don't see what you need here? Check out other DIY sites in the links section!