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Finally I have come to a place in my life that I can no longer get away with the sloppy, comfy look I have gone for in my work life. In trying to move up the salary ladder, so must I dress more "professionally". *shudder* I have avoided this for a long time, as long as possible; but now it is painfully unavoidable. Luckily my chosen field is information systems, so the great irony is that the more I learn and collect certifications... the odder I can dress. It almost seems that some amount of eccentricity is expected in this profession. Right now, however, as I gain experience I need to be a bit more conservative so I can get the positions that will pay for corsets and forgive a bit more velvet.

It is no doubt hard to be a goth and try to do well in the ultra-mundane corporate world, but it is possible. I have tried on lighter coloured suits and dresses, but when I see myself in them I look and feel like Iím wearing a costume. They also make me uncomfortable, and I canít help but think that would come over in any interview situation where body language is so important. I think it is probably better to be confident in a dark grey suit, black hose and a red silk blouse than feel like an ass in peach.

Lately my thrifting expeditions have been mostly to benefit the work wardrobe. Just last week I nearly squealed with glee when I found a dark grey designer linen suit. The silk double breasted jacket was another find that brought much joy. There was a day that I wouldnít even consider looking at these things, but now Iím happy to find them.

Being female I can indulge in a wider variety of fabrics and colors. Brocade and velveteen suits as well as the more conservative linen, silk, and cotton. My main corp. fashion pitfall are my legs and feet. I have a very bad habit of wearing odd tights and have an awful time finding shoes I can live with. I hate those little low-heeled pumps, but one must make some sacrifice for better pay.

Honesty is very important to me personally, and I just donít feel right passing myself off as something Iím not; and thatís exactly what I feel like when I wear too many light colours. I might not feel completely like myself in a business suit, but I can still maintian my ďdark and dangerousĒ aura that is so goth, and so me,if I at least stick to the hues I love.

In the end it comes down to how you present yourself, and if you come off having an air of competency, integrity, and trustworthiness then I believe they will get past the black jacket in August. Itís all in how you carry yourself, and if you need the black power armour, then I guess it can be in the form of a black power suit.

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