Male of the Species

Guys have it rough, they never have as much variety possible in what they wear... or do they? I often get asked about male gothic fashion. A lot of men just aren't comfortable with the androgyny often found in the goth scene. Usually my first reaction is to tell them that if it doesn't seem natural to them... they might be barking up the wrong tree; but if they are insistent I can reassure them that the gothic subculture may be the one place they can wear makeup and a skirt without having their sexual preferences challenged.

In the non-goth world men have rather limited options in what they can wear, but goths have the freedom to push normal gender fashion boundaries without worry. We aren't usually judgmental about things like sexual preference, and since we aren't so hung up on a lot of the norms the rest of society seems to thrive on we can wear pretty much whatever we want to as long as it falls within the gothic aesthetic. On gothic men frilly shirts become stylish, makeup becomes sexy, silk and velvet are fabrics of choice.

There are about an equal number of fashion choices for both sexes of goths, it all depends on what one is comfortable with. The limits are those of imagination, finances, and willingness to try new things. If you are afraid that frilly shirt will make you look too poncy... then don't wear it; but if you want to wear it even though you have such fears, rest assured, it's really not an issue.